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Bird Poster

This is what your poster could look like
18.90€ incl VAT plus delivery and payment costs
Your room - your poster. Either simply as a beautiful image, or with text layers - YOU create your own individual poster. You can, for example, insert your child´s name and/or birth dates - thus creating a wonderful memory of one of the most special days of your life. With its wonderful design this bird poster fits perfectly into every room and adds a soothing, loving atmosphere.

Bird Poster

Do you want one or two birds on your poster

Zwei Vögel A5 Nighty Night - Bird Poster

Two birds

Ein Vogel A5 Nighty Night - Bird Poster

One bird

Choose a header for your poster or don't

Zwei Vögel A5 - Bird Poster

Choose a header for your poster or don't

Ein Vogel A5 - Bird Poster


Enter the child's name or print the poster without any personalization

Birth date

Enter the birthdate like this: 01. January 2020 or continue without


Enter the child's birth weight in gram or continue without


Enter the birthsize in centimeter or continue without