About us

The magic behind magily

magily is where magic meets family. magily children books are lovingly illustrated and only for your family personalized individual items. Our books are not only magical for the little ones. With our book you decide what your family constellation looks like. You don't fit into the mummy, daddy, bro and sis picture and therefore find it hard to find sweet children books that suit your way of family? Then come and join the magily family. Everything can be family and there's magic in every family.

Create your own world

With every magily book you can write your own dedication. You may choose parts of the story and most books give you the chance to write a second personalize message to the person you create your book for. Once you ordered your personalized book it will reach our printing fullfillment partner, where your individual copy with only your personalized family-constellation will be printed. Your childs kids-room can take a little more family magic? Or you need a great gift for friends and other families? You might find something nice among our posters. Just like our books you can make your own special poster by personalizing different parts of the poster.

The story behind magily

magily is a young Start-Up founded in 2020 by a crazy little team of three with a clear vision. As single mom the children book market got too small too fast for founder Sina. Meanwhile there are plenty of children growing up in other family constellations but mum, dad, brother and sister as usually mentioned in most children books. The vision behind magily: Every child deserves to feel right the way they grow up. No child should feel wrong not matching what's said to be "normal" or "traditional". With magily you create your own "normal".